Saturday, March 01, 2008

From 27th January until the 21st February 2008 Jeff & I holidayed on Old Forest and Tina, Ian and Mum visited for a few days. They stayed in a motel at Seddonville.

Our camp on Old Forest.

Shell of giant native snail

Jeff made the letters for the Old Forest sign and put the sign up at the start of our driveway.

Jeff at Mussel Point early morning.

Tina & Ian at Mussel Point, we were all getting mussels for the yummy fritters.

Mum on beach at Mussel Point.

Climbing rata vine flowers and buds

Shell of giant native snail

Marilyn on the beach one wet and windy morning.

Cow and nikau palms at Nikau, a few kilometres south of Seddonville.

Jeff made a very lovely damper in the dutch oven over an open fire. He enjoyed sampling his baking!

Our friendly weka was looking for damper crumbs.
The weka was always on the lookout for the porridge pot. We soon learnt not to leave anything out for him/her to find.

Jeff fishing on Gentle Annie beach, unfortunately we didn't have fish for our dinner that night.

One damp day Jeff & Ian decided to clear up some broken trees. Mum covered up well in the light rain so she could watch them.

Jeff & Marilyn, Tina & Ian and Mum enjoying a glass of Speights Old Dark before their meal at the Seddonville Hotel.

Nikau palms and ferns on Old Forest.