Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March 3 -18 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday on old Forest again this year even though there was so much damage as a result of the storms, there still is so much of beauty; I loved the birds especially.

Our caravan is very old and our camp very primitive but we enjoy it all the same. A very relaxing peaceful holiday.

I spent my time eating, sleeping, reading and thinking, enjoying all ....and taking photos. 

We lost several of our massive trees in the storms but
we now have a view of Seddonville and the Mokihinui River
from our ridge,
A weka dining on a worm!

Beautiful young lancewood

Jeff standing at the base of
the very tall mamaku tree fern

There is so much of great beauty
on Old Forest

 Nikau inflorescence opening

Thermette  coming up to the boil 
soon be cup of tea time

As always, the birds were beautiful - and plentiful

Jeff most probably wishing
that he hadn't given me the camera

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A beautiful wee flower - an insect on a petal edge

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Sadly more trees were down in the winter of 2009
Huge areas have been damaged by the windfall
and/or when the trees were cleared away

Some of the small 'critters' on Old Forest

We are off on a lovely walk on the beach

We can't have a holiday on Old Forest
without going to Musssel Point.
Mussel fritters are so good
or how about dipping freshly steamed
mussels in vinegar.
Jeff collecting some driftwood too.
Lovely evening fire.

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We had such lovely skies in the mornings and evenings.
The colours were pure magic.

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