Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We had a helicopter ride on of the days, we went up the Mokihinui gorge until nearly to the Forks then went up into the hills and right over Mt Glasgow and came down over Old Forest. It was a beautiful clear day and we had views for miles, the mountains east of the Glasgow range stretched as far as the eye could see and there were high tarns. It was quite difficult to pick out Old Forest and our caravan site from the helicopter as it is such thick bush and massive tall trees.

Waiting for our ride plus a view looking down over the Seddonville settlement, the surrounding farms and the Mokihinui River winding it's way out to sea, Old Forest is in the bush area in the foreground of this photo. Seddonville Hotel is hard to pick out but it is one of the larger buildings in the middle of this photo. It is the mail/postal centre for the area and it also has a wee shop with fresh bread and newspapers every day plus all sorts of other things that you might need on holiday or camping or even the locals may need. Seddonville has a permanent population of around 72.