Monday, February 28, 2011

26 January - 11 February 2011

(Please note - I will be adding many more posts about our holiday over the next week or so.)

Camp life consisted of meals being cooked outside unless it was wet, we then cooked in the awning. Twice on wet days we made fry-pan scones, they were very tasty date and dried apricot scones. 
Our old and much battered thermette was well used; it is able to boil water very quickly - more than enough water to make our cups of tea. Much better than having to use the gas stove all the time.

I enjoyed sitting in the bush to read, write in my journal, 
to knit and doodle ...and yes, to just sit and look and listen and take it all in.
On wet days I had plenty of time to do the same in the caravan.
Both of us love books and the Westport library gets well used, when we first arrive we stock up on books and usually by the time we leave most of them will have been read.

Jeff sprayed the drive for weeds, something that needs to be kept up. Sadly weeds were introduced when the the roads were made. Jeff also replaced the posts on each side of our drive entrance that hold a chain across. 


Suz said...

Oh I missed your previous post. I love your cute and nosey
and the ferns are so large and glorious...How can you bare to come home from such a wondrous place.....and your doodle, why it is beautiful...a palm fabric tree..I love many designs
Sometimes when I'm around glorious nature I can't read....I just love to just sit and take it all in
every sound and sight and smell
Tell more of your holiday please

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Hi Suz - I am in the process of adding our holiday for this year. I have many more photos and will be adding them over the next week or so.
Yes, the greater part of my time is spent just looking, listening as you say. I just love 'being' so I can absorb everything.

I will add more.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed your posts here M. What a great job putting up the shed and the tank. Well done! I can about smell the forest. The wekas are so trusting aren't they. What fun. A wondrous place to escape to.

Disser2 said...

Yummy, looks really good!

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Oh yum those scones sound so delicious!!! We have pumpkins ripe at the moment. Following the floods here in Qld they have become expensive to buy so we are very blessed, and sharing ours. I am going to make pumpkin scones this afternoon, don't you just love scones??? In the USA when I lived there they had them every morning for breakie, they call them biscuits. Lovely to meet you. Crystal

ruma said...

I thank for your warm heart and thoughts...

From Japan, ruma

ruma said...

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Terri said...

I don't know why food tastes so much better cooked outdoors, but it sure does! I can smell the scones. Hope you have a relaxing holiday.

Carole M. said...

Hi Marilyn; I've enjoyed looking over your blogs and looking here at your holiday escapades. Nice to 'travel' with you and see your lovely surrounds and nature at its best. Thanks for your comment on my blog too.

ruma said...

The consideration of around the world people...
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ruma said...

Thank you World-wide LOVE.
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From Japan, ruma

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hello Marilyn, such a lovely place and so interesting, the best holidays I think. How are you going? Hope you are well, have you done some paintings? Best wishes. T.

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